Anniversary party 50 years of Chinderhuus on July, 9th 2022, 11 a.m. to 3 p.M.

We celebrate with a festival for all Zumiker families, especially with smaller children, on the village square and at the Chinderhuus:

11.00 a.m.:  opening (bouncy castle, face painting and more...)
11.30 a.m.:  speech of community president
12.00 p.m.: food and drink stalls (with leisure center)
12.30 p.m.: fairy tales
13.00 p.m.: pony riding
13.30 p.m.: children show
14.00 p.m.: fairy tales
15.00 p.m.: end


Free Childcare Places

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Welcome to Chinderhuus Zumikon!

The Zumikon Chinderhuus is located on the village square. The center is made up of two houses connected by a common garden. There are 51 full-day care places available daily for children aged twelve weeks to five years (kindergarten entrance age), divided into five Groups. Swiss German is the everyday language at the Chinderhuus.

Our offer:
- 20% discount for siblings
- Deposit-free childcare place
- Price includes care products such as nappies, toothbrushes, etc.
- All public holidays, scheduled center closures and an additional 2 free weeks (for individual holidays, etc.) are already
  deducted from the monthly flat rate

What makes us special:
- Longstanding employees
- Special offers such as forest days, gymnasium, excursions, camps, overnight sleep-ins, language support
- A focus on quality assurance by a committed management team (general manager, department heads of pedagogy and of
  professional training)

Have we aroused your interest in a childcare place?
We would be pleased to hear from you.